16 Obsessive Gamer Tattoos

16 Obsessive Gamer Tattoos

Among the tattoo communities, geeks are by far the most active, especially when it comes to gamer tattoos.
Gaming is a passion and, for the most addicted, a way of life. Gamers' tattoos are illustrating their dedication for fictional life, with tattoos of their favorite games, characters but also, their consoles and gamepads. True gamers never forget the historical electronic devices of their childhood, the iconic Atari or the mythical Gameboy. Tributes to Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and even Wii are commonly seen on the internet. And you, what are your weapons of choice when it comes to gaming? Are you more PC or console? Old school or hi tech? And for tattoos? Some enjoy transposing the video games' aesthetic in their designs, with pixels and exaggerated volumes. Others are teaming their addiction with old school tattoo designs, connecting two arts. You can also pick the poetic and artistic options indeed. To each their own, but gamers are united in ink! Check those cool gamer tattoos and tell us if yours is here!
Tribute to Donkey Kong 64 by Uncl' Paul.
Fantastic Playstation tattoo by Tomas Tofi Torfinski!
This vintage joystick by Niki Norberg is crazy!
Only the real gamers understand this one... by Matthew Davidson.
Watercolor style by Macgregor.
Gamers are artists too! By Kyle Harvey.
Cool Gameboy tattoo by John Mendoza.
Connected to the heart! By Jerome Siempre.
Charizard! Rad piece by Ian Kington.
Creative Super Nintendo by Guille Ryan!
New school goes well with gamer tattoos... By Craig Measures.
Wanna play Xbox on your own arm??? By Craig Cardwell.
Game on! By Chad James.
Creative tattoo by Anita...
Atari joystick by Alam Vinicius... Life's a game!
Fantastic tribute to a gamer by Adrian Flores... Can you see the guy who took a picture of the gamepad???
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