16 Powerful Claddagh Tattoos

16 Powerful Claddagh Tattoos

If you enjoy exploring the symbolism of different popular heart tattoos, you probably know the Claddagh tattoos.
They are composed of a heart, surrounded by two hands and topped by a crown. But don't mistake them with Sacred Heart tattoos, they are not religious at all. Claddagh tattoos are inspired by the Claddagh ring, an Irish symbol of friendship and love. Created in the 18th century and very popular since the 19th century, Claddagh rings are coming from Galway and used as engagement rings and friendship gifts. The hands are symbolizing friendship, the heart, love, and the crown, loyalty. Indeed, Claddagh tattoos are first love symbols, coveted for couple's matching tattoos and wedding ring tattoos. But they have also become a symbol of the Irish pride, icon of the Celtic heritage of people around the world. They are part of compositions with shamrocks and Celtic elements such as knots or crosses. Sometimes, the crown is missing, due to the Fenian's tradition, fighting the British royalty. But in general, Claddagh tattoos are a beautiful message of peace, long-lasting relationships and true love. So let love and friendship reign! And if you too want to celebrate this amazing bond you have, either with someone or your family, find some great inspiration with these Claddagh tattoos.
Delicate and elegant back tattoo by Aygul with a claddagh and a shamrock.
Cool claddagh underboob by Goldilox.
Amazing tattoo by James Tattooink! He recreated in realistic style the tattooed hands of his client on his own chest!
Nice black old school neck tattoo by Jemma Jones.
Friendship, Loyalty, Love: the 3 meanings of claddagh tattoos. By Jennifer Yoko Verret.
Gorgeous tattoo by John Anderton.
Creative tattoo by L'Andro Gynette.
Lovely claddagh and roses piece by Michelle Madison.
Playing with watercolor and negative space: by Monica Gomez.
Cool hand tattoo, please credit the artist. Photo Graeme Foote.
Realistic black and grey piece by Rafael at Rock’n’Roll Tattoo.
Precious little tattoo by Sarah K.
Here with a Celtic cross by Tenoch Ambrosio.
A pure piece of jewel by Travis at Prophecy Ink.
Hyperrealistic horror tattoo by Valentine.
Fun zombie version by Zac Kinder!
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