20 Proud Lion Tattoos

For many the lion tattoos have been a cultural icon of humanity, its use as a symbol of power, pride and nobility occurring across the globe

Commonly portrayed as the ‘King of the Jungle’ or the ‘King of Beasts’ the lion has a long history of royal connotations with countless monarchies taking the animal as a sign of their reign.

Although dubbed the ‘King of the Jungle’ lions typically inhabit the savannah and grasslands, though at times also the bush and forest. Wild lions are today found predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia but face increasing pressures from poaching and the effects reduced territory. Nevertheless lions still hold a strong place in human culture; they continue to represent strength, power, leadership, wisdom, royalty and family, among many other things. In terms of tattooing lion tattoos embody all of the above attributes and make some impressive body art, as long as they are done right!! Because of their appeal lion tattoos have a strong presence among tattoo enthusiasts and collectors alike.

One of the more impressive lion tattoos in the media recently is German International footballer's Mesut Ozil.

Ozil showed of his awesome lion ink when celebrating Germany's world cup win!!
So then, let’s celebrate the power and pride of the King of big cats by looking at some of the best lion tattoos around!!
Lion tattoos can look so insane. Brilliant tattoo by Dead God Tattoo #lion #realistic
Unique piece by Jun cha. He create one of the most impressive lion tattoos out there. #lion #juncha
Lion tattoos look awesome in different sizes and styles. Forearm lion by Lucky Bamboo Tattoo #lion #luckybamboo
Amazing tattoo by Serenity Ink 414 #lion #serenityink44 #lettering
Wow, lion tattoos on sleeves look so impressive. Fierce work by Tattoo Studio 73 #lion
Realistic lion tattoos are one of the most popular. Great tattoo by Tattooed Theory #lion #liontattoos
Dragstrip tattoos created this memorable tattoo!! Artist unknown. #lion #dragstrip
Stunning lion work by Carlos Torres #carlostorres #lion
Traditional lion tattoos also look so cool. Bold lion piece by Montalvo Tattoos #montavlo #lion #liontattoos #traditional
A great twist on a lion by Sarah B Bolen #lion #sarahbbolen
Victor Portugal did this great tattoo!! #lion #victorportugal
Lion tattoos in old school traditional styles look so awesome! Tattoo by Montalvo Tattoos #oldschool #montalvo #lion #traditional
Lion tattoos can be combined with other elements to make the tattoo even more impressive. Snake and lion by Dave Wah #lion #snake #davewah
Stunning back tattoo by Ron Russo #lion #ron russo
Lion tattoo by Elvin Tattoo #elvintattoo #lion #lettering
Awesome shoulder piece by Matthew James #lion #matthewjames
Unbelievable work by Teresa Sharpe #teresasharpe #lion
Brilliant old school lion, sense a bit of Lion King influence! #lionking #lion #oldschool
Club Tattoo did this lion tattoo #lion #realistic