20 Stupendous Leg Sleeve Tattoos

20 Stupendous Leg Sleeve Tattoos

After all, there is more room in legs than in arms, so leg sleeve tattoos are great for ink lovers seeing things big!
In tattoo vocabulary, we call "sleeve" an arm covered with ink, both with different small pieces or one big tattoo. What you can do with arms is equally transposable to legs, which is called leg sleeve tattoos. You can definitely connect different leg tattoos, but some bold people choose to go directly to the badass, huge and stupendous leg sleeve tattoos. Indeed, for big pieces, you always pick tattoo masters, especially your favorite tattoo artists... Following is a collection of these incredible pairs of legs, in the most various styles possible.
Vivid new school flower leg sleeve by Tony Ciavarro!
These two leg sleeve tattoos by Tomas Tomas are mixing many influences.
The stunning work of Savannah Colleen.
Elegant Polynesian leg sleeve. Please credit the artist in the comments.
You have to be a serious mermaid lover to get this scales legging tattoo! By Paul Scarrotta.
Trippy work by Nissaco!
Neo Traditional leg sleeve. Please credit in comments.
Badass dotwork art by Nazareno Tubaro.
Awesome sacred geometry WIP by Nathan Mould!
WOW! Killer work by Max Zhuravlev!
One of the refined ornamental tattoos of Marco Manzo.
Please credit in comments.
Fiery phoenix feathers and skulls by Julien Thibers...
The art of Jeff Gogue.
Cool biomechanical leg sleeve by Guy Aitchinson.
Dark horror leg tattoo by Florian Karg.
Japanese inspired leg sleeve with geisha by Billy Hay.
By Benjamin Laukis, inspired by Final Fantasy 7. Would you get a video games inspired leg sleeve?
By Alvaro Flores.
Tattooed model Radeo by Alissa Brunelli Photography.
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