20 Twisted DC's Joker Tattoos

We've all gotten a good look at the latest DC Comics' Joker, played by Jared Leto. And he definitely gets a dozen thumbs up from Tattoodo.

I, myself, am more of a Marvel fan but can't help giving some love to DC. And just when I thought that I have no more room to love another Joker after the late Heath Ledger (who, by the way, did an amazing job playing the role) they strike again with this. And so far, it did not disappoint. Let's hope Leto delivers a performance that's just as sick and twisted as he looks.

A face of pure, jocose evil.
The whole gang is in here!
The Joker has a pretty
Can't possibly miss a Hurtado piece.
You can almost feel the anguish of a soulless criminal oozing out of this hand tattoo.
The city in which the smiling phantom haunts.
Perfectly captures the deranged maniac he is.
Many will still argue that the Jack is still a better joker than the Ledger. Playing no favourites here though!
One word. Sinister.
The most forlorn parts of the Joker is even darker than his wickedest self.
This back piece is something to praise, too. Just look at all that macabre beauty.
And yes, a traditional style Joker exists! Thank Gotham!
Green and purple is the colour of evil on this one.
An icy portrait of a cold-blooded jester who feeds on chaos and fear.
Captured stunningly. Ah, the ever-carefree Joker. The ever-adorably sinister clown.
Damn, son. Damn. Looks like someone's out to compete with THAT Spiderman tattoo.

All hail the king of clowns and mad men.
Suicide Squad is due out August 5, 2016