23 Tattoos That Vegans Would Wear Before Fur

23 Tattoos That Vegans Would Wear Before Fur

It's no secret that the Vegan lifestyle craze is on the rise and in this day and age, there has never been an easier time to go Vegan.
Making the transition from meat-eater to Vegan or Vegetarian is no easy task, but many who do make the lifestyle choice find that it completely transforms the way they think about food. There is a lot of pride that goes into having temperance to be a Vegan and with that Vegan pride comes 23 tattoos fit to make anyone with a plant-based diet giddy as a Girl Scout.
A classic twist on lettering in this picture book reminiscent piece done by @macabretattoo
A classic traditional flower and arrows with a nod to the Cruelty Free lifestyle by @chrismorristattoos
Who can resist this happy block of tofu by @caspermacabre_tattoos ?
These best friend tattoos that will make all veggie lovers swoon by @sashaunisex
A group of kawaii little veggies that belong in a manga book by @jennybunnybuns
This beautifully color-packed beet by @chloe_jabour
A commanding clump of greens by @nateclick
An 'aww' inducing heart for the special animals in your life by @avalondesu
A rocking broccoli tattoo by @ancientastime
This Popeye approved tattoo by @monkeyhousejenny
11. A tattoo fit for a nursery rhyme by @chichaetattoo
This cow piece surrounded by feminine florals by @ste_upton
A pig tattoo that will turn you off bacon for good by @millhaustattoo
An absolutely stunning watercolor bull by an unidentified artist
This broccoli packs a punch by @dmdenk
Another adorable take on Vegan lettering with true shaded blacks by @louisecarolynbotterill
This avocado of love by @millhaustattoo
A nod to the best friends in our lives by @angelinakrivi
An epic wolf and pomegranate piece by @megonshoreclay
Some elegant script by @thediligenttattooer
A traditional sparrow and banner by @blacklotustattooers
A piece fit for a farm by @tattoosbyriri
This neo-school tattoo that gives a cute nod to The Simpsons by @millhaustattoo
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