25 Awesome Behind the Ear Tattoos Part 3

25 Awesome Behind the Ear Tattoos Part 3

We're back with more behind the ear tattoos for you!
The designs this time are edging on a more unisex vibe in contrast to the more feminine designs in our previous post. There's really so much potential with the behind the ear tattoo, given that one takes the time to explore the possibilities on this very small part. Of course, you have to find first a willing tattoo artist who you're sure can do a great job at it.
Polynesian/Tribal style
A mandala behind the ear can be a good idea if it's done right. The same way it looks just as good in reverse.
Behind the ear Mandala
Keeping it tiny, hand of god tattoo.
Hand of God
Can't go wrong with some good feathers; reminiscent of the Native American roots.
Adding colour.
The ohm tattoo for a positive vibe.
When in doubt, go traditional.
Cute, traditional design pocket watch with a feminine touch.
Lucky horse shoe
Diamonds are always good fillers.
Can we really forget the rose?
Hey, it looks just like the tiny dagger in the Tattoodo logo!
Some Japanese going on here with those blossoms~
Cherry Blossoms
Express your love to music through the appropriately placed behind-the-ear tattoo.
Check out Hayley William's own behind-the-ear tatt!
Hayley William
This loving dad got a hearing aid behind the ear tattoo to match his daughter's. Aww!

Suddenly itching for your own, unique, behind the ear tattoo? You know what to do.
Hearing Aid
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