Looking to do something a little extra special in honor of mom? Here's 25 Mom inspired tattoos!
When it comes to ink honoring one's mother, the classic image that we think of as the mom tattoo is the chubby red heart with MOM splayed across it on a scrolling banner, which caught on among servicemen during and after World War II. Aside from wanting to express their patriotism, homesick sailors started to request mom or mother tattoos as a sentimental reminder of home; where a mother's love was most tangible. Sailors have always been at the vanguard of tattoo culture in the West, thanks to their voyages to distant, more inked-up lands. That iconic heart design was brought into pop culture by none other than Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, one of the 20th century's most famous tattoo artists and a member of the Navy. But maternal tattoo tributes have been around probably as long as the art of tattooing; going back to the late 1700's on these shores and in ancient civilizations, in the act of allying oneself with a clan.
In recent years, more sophisticated tools have allowed artists to ink full, realistic portraits. Though traditional Americana designs remain popular, now you might see a photographic likeness of Mom adorning a bicep where a chubby red heart might once have been or an anatomically correct human heart, a postmodern take on the iconic image.

Enjoy these 25 beautiful homages to MOM:
Andy Wiszowaty bugabootattoos
Adrian Dominic, transcendtattoo
Becca Genne-Bacon, handofglorytattoo
Tim Mcalary, goldrushtattoo
Mom tattoo
Marvin Silva Tattoo
R.J.Munger, splashtattoos
PeteRaizis, electricladyland
Justin Martinez 'mom's burger', elementtattoo
Denise de la Cerda Tattoos
Eli Draughn, safehousetattoo
RichVader, richcseri.com, tattoocityskinart
Heart tattoo
Steve Byrne, RockOfAgesTattoo, TX
Thanh (Tony) Nguyen,  DeadCrowTattooAndPiercing
Samael Cahill, stainednation
RyanZachary, TattoosOnWoodstock
Anil Guptal Tattoo
Alastair-RouteNineTattoo, MA
DROSS, DamionRossTattoo, InvisibleNYC
I too, don ink in honor of my mother, Rosemarie. By DROSS, DamionRossTattoo, InvisibleNYC