40 Bold and Brazen Bear Tattoos

40 Bold and Brazen Bear Tattoos

Among the many animals people like to get tattoos of are bears...
The bold and brazen bear shares many noble qualities with its animal tattoo counterparts, like the lion and the wolf. The bear is a known symbol for courage and strength. In Native American symbolism, the bear is seen as a free spirit like the great wind. It is also admired for the way it rummages around the woods benignly and yet could turn into a mauling rage machine once provoked. And of course, like the other animals mentioned, the bear also shares another important attribute-- it's one of those on top of the damn food chain.
by Valentin Hirsch
The bear is a symbol of healing in Sioux symbolism while the Cree honors the bear as a symbol for successful hunt. There are many more interpretations of this powerful animal in the Native American culture and even more from the rest of the world. Other people see the bear as their spirit animal for its sense of confidence and leadership. All the while, taking importance of some quiet time and solitude, qualities which many people can relate to.
by Nouvelle Rita of Lisbon, Portugal
It doesn't end there. There are a number of different types of bear by region and  specie, a lot to choose from if you're looking for a bear tattoo. There's one for the right person. Where did you think 'mama bear' came from? And not all bears are silent savages, either. Because pandas. On second thought, scratch that. Mommy pandas feed on their deceased young. Yep, let that sink in.

First, let's see a few more realistic designs.
Artist unknown.
Fire it up with earth tones when you're going for realistic.
by Petri Syrjala
The polar bear, embodying true survivalists everywhere.
by Ayı Dövme
Hear them roar.
by Florian Karg
Cute twist to your typical panda.
by Megan Massacre
by Benjamin Laukis
Benjamin Laukis doing his thing, bringing this baby bear to life.
by Niki Norberg
Here's another, from one of my favourite artists of all time.

Check out these traditional bears looking bad-ass looking AF.
by Phil Hatchet-Yau at Tahiti Felix's Master Tattoo & Museum in San Diego, CA
Like a true Californian!
by Bert Thomas
by Samuele Briganti
A good addition to a progressing traditional sleeve.
by Stefan Johnsson
by Stefan Johnsson
Stefan Johnsson sure does make vicious-looking bears.
by Annie Frenzel
Impressive colouring!
by Kirsten Holliday of Wonderland Tattoos, Portland Oregon
A more feminine take on the ferocious beast.
by Mitch Allenden at Inspirations in Morley, UK
This Neo-traditional piece totally killed it!
by Philip Yarnell
by Salvation Tattoo
by Samantha Smith Tattoo Co, Richmond, BC
By Providence Tattoo
A really good half-sleeve.

Geometric, Blackwork, Dotwork and Everything else:
by David Hale
A fine combination of heavy linework, geometric style and dotwork.
Artist unknown.
Dotwork and geometric.
by Philippe Fernandez
by Silvija Šablinskaitė of Super 7 Tattoo, Vilnius
A wicked-looking blackwork.
by Sven Rayen - Antwerp, Belgium
The panda is a symbol patience as a virtue and the balance of yin yang energies.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
Despite the bear's fearsome countenance, the bubblegum colors make it look atypically adorable.
Artist unknown
by Philip Milic
by David Hale
Artist unknown.
by Barbe Rousse
by Dave Koenig at Tenth Sanctum Tattoo in Omaha, Nebraska
by Dr Woo
Another beautiful blackwork rendition of Dr. Woo.
by Peter Aurisch
Illustration done by Scott Allen Hill. Tattoo done by Ben at American Tattoo.
Uncle Arlos A Plus Tattoos
Beautiful watercolor style on fine linework.
Unknown artist.
California represent.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Look out for more!
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