7 Ancient Symbols & Tattoo Meanings (Part 2)

7 Ancient Symbols & Tattoo Meanings (Part 2)

We live in a Universe of symbols, symbols and symbols! In fact, we depend on symbols so much that we use it for communication.
How will you be able to read this if you were not taught about the symbols of the alphabet? How do we understand, interpret and communicate our thoughts if it weren't for symbols?! We tackled some awesome symbols in the previous blog and we figured there's still so much more to see & learn! So here's the 2nd batch that are small but mean something big & timeless! Let's learn about these 7 Ancient symbol tattoos that would make good filler or finger tattoos to add to your collection.
1. The Ankh (tattoo on top) - is also known as the "Key of Life", the Key of the Nile or Crux Ansata (meaning "cross with a handle"). It symbolizes Eternal Life, The Universe, Immortality & Power and is an Egyptian hieroglyph of the words "Eternal Life". Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop or bearing each one in each hand, arms crossed over the chest---which makes it a symbolic representation of Physical (Mortal) & Spiritual (Immortal) Life.
Eye of horus tattoo
2. EYE OF HORUS - also known as "Wedjat", "Utchat" or "Ujat", it is a symbol that is a mixture of different kinds of symbols & archetypal significance. In essence, it is the symbol of the Egyptian Sun God Horus. The Sun is thought of as an all-seeing eye---the opening through which light emits and gives life, warmth & energy to all living things.
Pentagram tattoo
3. PENTAGRAM (5-pointed star) - The 5 points of the Pentagram each represent one of the 5 elements that make up Man: Fire (energy), Water (fluid), Air (breath), Earth (Matter) & Psyche (Mind). This symbol is so ancient that it was found scratched on the walls of Neolithic caves and in Babylonian drawings where it marks the patterns of the Planet Venus on its travels.
Hexagram tattoo
4. HEXAGRAM (6-pointed Star) - is composed of two overlapping triangles, each representing "Male" and "Female". It is associated with the Biblical Solomon, best known as the Star of David in jewish religion. In ritual magic, the Hexagon is the seal of Solomon & represents the Divine Union of Man & Woman which creates perfect love and therefore also a symbol of the heart chakra.
Symbolic tattoo meaning
5. SPIRAL - represents and visualizes the dance of the Universe. In Astrology, Scientists attest that the Universe spirals into constant motion...infinitely... thus reinforcing the concept of endless, vast skies. It also represents the revolutions of time, stars, planets and is the way of natural progress.
Symbolic tattoo meaning
6. ASTERISK - the symbol of the stars and our celestial brothers and sisters from outside the earth. Oh yes, we are not alone. o.O
Symbolic cross tattoo
7. CROSS - Besides being a popular symbol of Christianity, the cross also came primarily from two associations: The 4 physical elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and the 4 cardinal directions (North, South, East, West). Hence, the astrological symbol of the Earth is a cross inside a circle.
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