9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare Procedure

9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare Procedure

This type of piercing will give you another reason to smile..... Because it's the only way to flaunt it! :-D
Beautiful lip piercing
If you're blessed with a set of perfect pearly whites and have a knack for edge and style, this piercing must be for you.
Smiley piercing
SMILEY PIERCING: is a type of oral piercing of the upper lip frenulum.
Tattooed lips and lip piercing
WHAT TO EXPECT: However, your professional piercer may also tell you that your frenulum isn't large enough to support the piercing. So lucky you if it's meant for you.
Getting a lip piercing
Take note that the tissue of the upper lip is quite thin so chances that the procedure goes quickly with little pain. Pain thresholds vary from person to person.
Lip piercing
Usually, the starter jewelry have small gauges. Once it's fully healed, you can switch to other styles and sizes. Healing time usually takes 4-12 weeks, depending on your aftercare and oral hygiene.
Piercing risk: Tooth Enamel Wear
RISKS: Tooth Enamel Wear (due to jewelry rubbing with teeth), Gum recession (when gums get irritated), or worse, Rejection (jewelry eventually falls off due to thinning of pierced tissue). That's why it is best to seek professional advice before proceeding with this type of piercing.
Awesome lip piercing
Everyone is different. And if you're lucky and diligent in practicing good oral hygiene, this may last you for years to come.
Lip piercing aftercare
AFTERCARE: Above all, PRACTICE GOOD ORAL HYGIENE. Rinse your mouth after meals and snacks, and buy s mouthwash that's non-alcoholic (alcohol lengthens the healing process) and avoid picking, playing with the jewelry, kissing (due to saliva exchange), oral sex, spicy foods (these may irritate the piercing), alcohol intake and smoking while it heals. If you want a quick recovery, discipline yourself and follow our advice.
Crazy piercings
Wishing you all safe body mods and tattoos! ;-)
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