A Chat With The Man Who Cured His OCD With A Tattoo Addiction

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We had a little chat with the currently the 'coolest-looking guy on Essex' and no, people, he doesn't eat little children. Nice chap, that Gordon fellow is. He's definitely the type of guy you would want to chill at a nice London pub with and talk about bad-ass stuff and then show you a nice picture of his wife and kids. He briefly talked about his wife's apparent shifting feelings about his body art and whether he'll let his kids follow his footsteps or not. Bet your dad isn't as cool-looking as Keith Gordon!

Keith Gordon/Facebook
Keith Gordon/Facebook

How's your tattoo progress? Will you be getting something again soon?

I am finishing my back-piece very soon, and then straight onto my ribs and then stomach, all within the next 1-2 years timespan.

Keith Gordon/Facebook
Keith Gordon/Facebook

Tell us a story about one interesting encounter involving someone's reaction to your tattoos.

An African man came out of a shop while I was walking to my next face tattoo appointment, he looked at me said "You look like a devil", and then went into the shop next door.

How does your wife feel about your tattoos these days? Is she learning to love them?

I think she is more [accepting] now that I have become 'famous'. She feels that I have a status that she can relate to, rather then the local lunatic (lol).

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Mdleaver Photography
Mdleaver Photography

How has this tattoo therapy helped you with your OCD?

Undoubtedly, a considerable amount, it has helped me to express myself and feel more confident, also has given me something meaningful to concentrate on.

Mirror UK
Mirror UK

Will you allow your kids to get tattoos when they grow up?

Yes, of course, as long as they start with something discrete and let me help and advise them as to what to get.

Keith Gordon / Facebook
Keith Gordon / Facebook

Finally, what's it like being the coolest-looking guy in Essex?


Thank you Keith for being a chill dude!

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