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For over eight thousand years the human race has been getting tattooed. Tattooing has evolved from an ancient ritual to a profession that millions of artists around the world have left their mark, or their ink on. In that time, many have tried but few artists have succeeded in creating truly ground breaking art. Daring to do what has never been done before or what others may be afraid to attempt. One of those artists, who stands a true 'ink master', is Jaya Suartika of House of Daggers Tattoo in Adelaide, South Australia.

I began tattooing in September of 2012- says Suartika, on how he first came into the profession of tattooing and since then people from all over the world have been traveling down under to get inked.

I would describe my style as invert, negative, and crossover elements done in blackwork- says Suartika, on a style that speaks for itself. Thousands of artists tattoo flowers and skulls with daggers running through them, but the crisp use of heavy blacks and skin breaks that appears in Suartika's tattoos are essential optical illusions that create extremely readable and dynamic designs. The use of the skin as a large component of a tattoo not only entice the viewer, but the sharp opacity of the black and strong outlining will keep the tattoo graphic and vivid over time.

At the moment, my favorite subjects to tattoo would the patterns that I design and my simple and solid black designs with inverted elements- says Suartika.

In addition to creating negative space tattoos, Suartika works within the elaborate style of dot work and the simple elegance of geometric. He surprises with every new addition to his tattoo portfolio, putting forth tattoos with details of enormous magnitude or more plain creations that stand alone as solid works of ink. And with this, Jaya Suartika is certainly not going to let you forget about why tattooing is more than just another day at the studio.

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