AWESOME PRODUCT REVIEW: The Original Tattoo Pen by Tim Hendricks

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The troubles and mess we used to have as tattooers when drawing on skin are finally over! Thanks and hats off to one of the best tattooers of the industry today, Tim Hendricks of Saltwater Tattoo for innovating this awesome product especially designed for the skin----for the tattooer, by a tattooer! This is a must-have for every tattoo artist who particularly does a lot of freehand work. Check this out if you haven't!

The Tattoo Pen was researched & developed by Tim Hendricks and tested by some of the best tattooers of the world before it was made available for the tattoo industry.

Here's why it's THE BEST. Watch the video to learn more! ;) 

Each brass refill is sold at an affordable price for single use & disposable for sterility purposes.

I've personally been using the Tattoo pens for years now. Since then, I never used anything else! It comes in different colors: Purple, Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Green & Orange. It smoothly draws onto skin (works best if the skin is dry) and stays there like stencil. <3 Angel head on my hand by yours truly! Thank you Tim! <3

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It also has a Pen Holder (sold separately) made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel that can withstand high temperatures for dry heat or autoclave sterilization.

Let only the original tattoo pen be your drawing buddy from small to large scale work! Tattoo done at Captured Tattoo.

Snake tattoo
Snake tattoo

Tattooing made more fun. Cool snake by Christopher Kenyon.

By Kings Cross Tattoo
By Kings Cross Tattoo

One should know how to draw & compose a long-lasting tattoo to become an eligible tattoo artist. Otherwise, it ain't for you. Wicked freehand work done at Kings Cross Tattoo Parlor.

Sometimes things are better drawn than stenciled.

Drawing on skin is like tailoring it to fit. Especially for large scale lettering tattoos. Tattoo done at Boston Street Tattoo.

No wonder tattooers all over the world love it! Wanna share your work? Use the hashtag #tattoopen & feel free to share! :D

More amazing products by Tim Hendricks at from Hand-made one-off machines, tattoo pens, sketch books, aprons and more!

USE ONLY THE BEST TO BE THE BEST. Have a great day everyone! ;)



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