Beautiful Bracelet & Arm Band Tattoos worth wearing

Beautiful Bracelet & Arm Band Tattoos worth wearing

We all know that one of the purposes of Tattoos is to adorn the body. So if you're getting some, make sure they're worth wearing...for life!
Here are 10 beautiful bracelet and armband tattoos for ideas. Love the skin you're in! ;)
Some people just want it black and simple and that's cool.
Some appreciate the Art of geometric patterns and that's cool too.
The watercolor style works too!
Themes or patterns that you can go for are nature-inspired... (Tattoo by Sasha Unisex).
Black & Bold Traditional style...
Or colored... (Tattoo by Kirk Jones).
It's would also make a good starter piece for a sleeve tattoo on the future.
Check out these nature-inspired tribal patterns that were hand-tapped by 96-yr-old Apo Whang Od (Philippines) as featured in this blog.
Or you can have your very own patterns customized by your tattoo artist. Ain't that awesome?
Arm Band Tattoo
We hope you enjoyed this article. Remember to wear your tattoos with pride!!! :-)
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