Cara Delevingne's Inked Appearance at The Met Gala

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The 22-year-old fashion model is known for her unconventional style and eccentricity. So it's no surprise that she showed up at this year's gala to wow an audience who would have thought that they've seen all she could offer. In a non-traditional cut-out Stella McCartney jumpsuit, Cara Delevingne steps into the red carpet with her smoky eyes and those eyebrows... and a litttle more.

Of course, it's the Met, there's bound to be bare skin. But dear Cara here decided to take things further and make things interesting by not leaving too much empty spaces on her whole outfit. Temporary tatts are already making their rounds in the current trends, especially during the recent Coachella and this girl won't be left behind. Sure, she looks stunning but her (temporary) body art even made us swoon for her more.

With the help of celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang and his team, this beautiful makeshift were made possible in a span of eleven hours. She reportedly arrived to get it done at 8AM and didn't leave until 7PM. She sure did took her game seriously!

It's quite difficult to believe that they are all temporary tattoos, as they look quite real at first glance, considering the colours and the fine details that has been poured on the model's skin. Did I mention that they were done using markers you can get from your local art store? No sir, not some fancy calligraphy pen or henna ink of sorts.

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Complementing this year's exhibition, “China: Through the Look Glass”,  with the ruby red of the flowers and the calligraphic strokes of the branches; it's definitely a step up to the usual Chinese ornaments and Chinese-inspired couture other A-listers paraded with.

Cara's temporary ink isn't just a whole statement for show, the model-slash-actress actually had a very specific thing in mind when she came to her artist friend last week. They finally agreed on a birds and blossoms theme to wrap around her body, together with other oriental design with a modern flair. The swallow symbolises the arrival of spring while the plum blossoms represent resilience and perseverance, according to CNN.

It was said to be Rihanna who first came across the finished product and can only react with, "I'm gonna throw up!" (Which is the singer's reaction to anything she finds uhm, sick. She's also Bang Bang's first celebrity client!)

The artists shares with Cosmopolitan,

I've been trying to build a bridge between fashion and tattooing for a few years now, and I feel like I'm coming a lot closer, especially with what happened yesterday. It was really, really special because this is the first time people saw tattoo as part of an outfit, which is cool.

Bang Bang was also responsible for Delevigne's lion tattoo on her finger and the word 'BACON' on her foot.



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