Disney Princesses As Sexy Tattoo Pin Ups

Disney Princesses As Sexy Tattoo Pin Ups

Maybe Disney will even create a tattooed heroine some day soon? But until then you can enjoy these awesome Disney pin ups by Shumate!
Even if tattoos aren't your cup of tea it doesn't mean you can't appreciate the style and art of tattooing! Tattoo inspired art work and pictures are an ever increasing and popular way to decorate your home. A Japanese dragon sketch framed on your living room wall or perhaps even a collage of traditional tattoo images plastered above your bed. Tattoos are a fantastic art medium and provide a beautiful change to the old landscape painting hanging above the fire place.
Artist and designer Tim Shumate is a creator of such tattoo themed artwork, arguably his most unique and impressive work is the collection of Disney Princesses imagined as old school pin up tattoos!!
Alice in Wonderland
The Little Mermaid, Ariel looking fierce!
Belle, ever the beauty and never the beast
The frosty Princess Elsa
Princess Jasmine
A fine looking Pocahontas
Princess Tiana and her frog!!
The classic Snow White though slightly more colourful
And of course Peter Pan's trusted aid Tinker Bell
You can check out Tim's work here and find him on Facebook here!
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