Senior Citizen Reveals Awesome Hidden Tattoos

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The question of what to do when you retire is a daunting prospect for many, for Stephen Perry however it was an opportunity to fully submerge himself in his love of tattoos!

A retired accountant, grandfather of six, candidate in local elections and leader of community groups Stephen got his first tattoo when he was in his fifties, but due to the nature of his suit and tie job felt he would be judged because of his new body art so kept it hidden.

'I had a very small tattoo and I was terrified it would be seen. I was always worried it would prejudice my career, particularly when I was in business...'For years, I didn't tell people, I kept it hidden, I think people's perception of me is that I am a normal, white middle-class retired professional'

70 year old Stephen proudly displays his amazing body art!
70 year old Stephen proudly displays his amazing body art!

His career as accountant now behind him and the corporate world miles away Stephen embraced his love of ink and now boasts an impressive collection of tattoos covering his chest, stomach, back, arms and legs, but hidden under a suit you would never know. Much of Stephen's tattoos were inspired by artwork he has seen in museums and galleries, varying from Pre-Raphaelite work to art nouveau. His latest tattoo was inspired by a Greek statue in a Copenhagen museum!

You're never to old to visit a tattoo studio!
You're never to old to visit a tattoo studio!

A committed tattoo advocate Stephen now proudly displays his body art in the open and features it on his campaign leaflets, promoting the message of never judge a book by its cover. Stephen is a fine example of the ageless beauty of tattoos and for displaying his tattoos we thank him because whether you are 18 or 80 tattoos are a beautiful way to express yourself and your love of art.

So next time you see a typical middle aged business professional just imagine what impressive artwork could be hiding under their suit!!!

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