Simple & Subtle Disney Inspired Tattoos

Simple & Subtle Disney Inspired Tattoos

Since 1920’s Disney has entertained children all over the world. From their dream filled movies to their magical Disneyland theme parks.
Disney has brought imagination to life. But the love for Mickey, Minnie and Co. lives long in the minds of these kids long into adulthood, with some of these wondrous beings feeling compelled to decorate their skin with one of the many symbols of Walt Disney’s company or one of its many fairy tales.
Here we have a small collection of simple, subtle tattoos that are right on point in their meaning. From a Mickey Mouse head balloon to the heart rate Disneyland symbol, an assortment of modest yet inspired Disney related tattoos. Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially from the things that we fell in love with as youngsters. These continue to influence us later in life as we attempt to relive those early years, even if only for a second, at each glance of the tattoo we got to remind us of those special characters.
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Mickey Balloon Tattoo , Mikivis Instagram
Black Minnie Mouse Tattoo, Aimee Mulligan, ColourWorks Dublin
Mickey Hand Heart Tattoo, stephanielynnxo-
Disney Key Tattoo , Arielle Sullivan – Live 2 Imagine, Binghamton, NY
To Infinity & Beyond Tattoo Pinterest
Cheshire Cat Tattoo, Nikki Ouimette, FY Ink,Toronto
Disney Heartbeat Tattoo, Old Sacramento California
Minnie Decorative Tattoo, Killer Ink, Atlanta Georgia
Andy foot Tattoo - Markus Robertson, uwould1269 Twitter
Cinderella Castle Tattoo, Jordan Redd, Pinterest
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