Tattoo Artist Feature: Mister Cartoon

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One of the best Black & Grey tattooers of the Tattoo industry: Mister Cartoon, known for his signature sinister Clowns, stylish lettering tattoos, street art, and his awesome works on bodies of celebrities and luxury cars talks about the Skin as a totally different canvas, his life as a tattooer, old school tattoos and how it came about, and words of wisdom for the aspiring tattooer and tattoo lovers alike. Presented by Upper Playground from the "Run Up series" DVD, let us all lend our eyes and ears to the awesome Mister Cartoon and have our own share of newly begotten wisdom. We hope you get inspired too! :)

"The Skin is the most hardcore canvas of all. There's nothing like it. It's the only canvas that bleeds, shits, talks back, art directs you, shows up late. It's cheap, tipsy, compliments you, gets insecure, moves.....There's nothing like it, man..." ~Mister Cartoon 



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