Tattoo Bartering: Never Pay For A Tattoo Again

Tattoo Bartering: Never Pay For A Tattoo Again

This is actually a quite an ingenious way of working with friends  in order to exchange a talent for an item or a service one might need!
Stanislava Pinchuk (Miso) has worked with this idea and traded some small 'homemade' tattoos in exchange for various things such as dinner, a book, a drawing and even some tailoring work.
Working with the idea, since 2013 Miso has traded her skills for others across Australia and many other places, exchanging the tattoos for whatever the receiver deems them to be worth.

See some examples of this amazing idea below...
Wildflowers - Traded for a Jewellery and a plant
Arrow - Traded for photography
'Galaxy Hand' - Traded for a drawing
Solar Eclipse - Traded for Dinner
Left: Firework Map marking several Cities- Traded for WhiskeyRight: Branch Constellation - Traded for a drawing
2 Map Tree Trunks - Traded for a drawing
Orion's Belt - Traded for Dinner
Left: Twin Branches - Traded for Jewellery Right: Map of New York High Line - Traded for a Rock
Wildflower - Traded for Tailoring
Find out more about Miso at her website:
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