The C.R.E.A.M. Of Wu Tang Clan Tattoos

The C.R.E.A.M. Of Wu Tang Clan Tattoos

The world is full of Wu Tang Clan tattoos and we can't say that the best are really here as the dedication of the Wu Tang fans is infinite.
For those who have no idea what the Wu Tang Clan is, well, the answer is: probably one of the most talented and adored band of hip-hop and rap music. Some of its members are iconic, especially the late Ol' Dity Bastard, charter members RZA and GZA, and Method Man. Fans of kung-fu and Asian martial arts movies, the founders chose the name of the band in reference of the mountain of Wu-Tang, a sacred Chinese place and a movie related to it. Killa Bees are the name of other rappers and followers evolving around the band, and bees are often found in Wu Tang Clan tattoos. The famous logo, a strange shaped W looking like a bat, is opening endless possibilities for the imaginations of fans, and they fill it with crazy pop culture references as well as puns and tribute to old school tattoo. So, are your Wu Tang Clan tattoos here? If not, show us your funky ink!
Wu-Tang necklace and tiger by Billy Hay.
Bees made at Borderlines Tattoo.
Wu-Tang hipster by Chris Xanker...
The cool art of Dan Molloy!
Famous side boob tattoo by Dane...
Terrific bee by DJ Tambe!
Cream tattoo by Emily at Empire Tattoos.
Wu-Tang Clan tattoos are the peak of craziness, that why we love them! Here by Fishero.
Protect ya neck! Vader Skull tattoo by Jeff Zalesak.
Hot pin-up by Lehel Nyeste!
Method Man by Matt Jordan.
Funky flamingo by Mattia Giks Esposito.
Creative dotwork tattoo by Max Well!
Graphic piece by Paul Terry.
New School Ol' Dirty Bastard by Sam Fiorino.
The Simpsons vibe by Sara MacNeil...
Cool tattoo by Scotty Munster!
Brain-teasing geometric Wu-Tang Clan tattoo by Steve Clifford...
Haha! Love that Russian doll byTaylor Wooten!
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