The Five Stages Of Getting Tattooed

The Five Stages Of Getting Tattooed

Whether it’s your first or your 50th, tattoo is always an experience you won’t forget, unless you’re absolutely hammered of course!
It's true everyone has a different experience but there are five common stages of getting tattooed and I’m sure anyone with tattoos can relate to at least one of them.
1. Apprehension 
Getting tattooed is the same as any momentous occasion; there will always be a few jitters beforehand. After all you are marking your body for life, so you can expect the following questions to be buzzing around your head; do I really want a tattoo? Is this the definite design I want? What if it comes out wrong? But now it’s too late you are through the door and tattoo chair awaits!
Tattoo shop
2. Oh... This isn't that bad!

So it begins, all that anticipation and apprehension is no more, you are in the seat and the needle is only centimetres from your skin, take a deep breath! It’s about to get interesting! … but then… The needle touches your skin and the first line is complete, that was not that bad was it? After all the hype and talk of excruciating pain you feel quite comfortable, is this really all it is…
Caucasian male tattoo artist tattooing Caucasian woman.
3. Half-Time 

It’s been an hour or two now and the tattoo is coming along nicely, it’s taking shape and looking good. Skins feeling a little sore now though, like a bad sunburn. The needle, what began as your friend is now slowly becoming your enemy, with each stroke the pain builds and with each minute you bite your lip a little harder.
Getting a shoulder tattoo
4. Kill Me Now!!!

You’re on the tail end of the tattoo, the shadings under way but the pain isn’t any easier, you’re starting to feel a bit raw, your skin a little more sensitive by the second! Surely it’s almost over! Can I even take anymore? Should I break? Should I keep going?... It’s almost done it can’t be much longer… please don’t be much longer!!
Getting a tattoo
5. Totally Worth It!
There it is, your finished tattoo staring back at you. Yeah it’s a little red, definitely a bit sore but so worth it. All that pain is over and you’re left with an amazing piece ink! It’s time to go show your biker gang the beautiful butterfly that sits with pride on your lower back…
Butterfly tattoo
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