The Man, The Myth - Chris Garver

Where do we begin with Chris Garver...
He doesn't really need an introduction, we'll go as far as to say he is considered to be one of the greatest and most sought-after tattoo artists in the world... and this international acclaim came even before his time as an original cast member on TV's first reality tattoo series "Miami Ink". He has since tried to skirt the limelight of being a TV star, handling his status with great humility.
Ornate, clean, and downright f^&#!@g perfect - are some words I've heard others use to describe Garver's uncanny talent to make a flawless tattoo look like it is supposed to be there... as it just appeared in the perfect spot. His versatility, well-roundedness, and attention to detail is unparalleled. A true "tattooers' tattooer" he is respected and revered by his fellow artists. With a background in fine art, Chris has been able to mesh together all the right kinds of aesthetics to culminate his own "Garver style", with sheer talent, no ego, and an understanding of his gift. He is also a masterful painter, a photographer, and bassist - to name a few hobbies.

Garver has worked coast to coast, as well as nation to nation.
If you know anything about the tattoo industry and haven't heard Garver's name at least once, you've frankly lived in a cave ;)
Micro fine line praying hands
An elegant, simple, traditional Cherry Blossom branch
Jap-inspired fine line fever :)
Badass Black and Grey Cobra and Roses
Japanese Karashishi, or Guardian Lion
Japanese Fudo with an Oni creepin'
A Japanese Tengu or Traditional demon mask
Fine line Black & Grey Payasa
A seemingly effortless and PERFECT simple Dragon sleeve.