The World's Most Tattooed Woman Passed Away

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The tattoo world is mourning Isobel Varley who passed away yesterday. The British ink addict was famous for being the most tattooed woman.

Born in 1937, she is the most inked senior woman in the Guinness Book of World's Records, and perhaps also for the humorous penis tattoos on her head.

Isobel Varley
Isobel Varley

But Isobel Varley was also, and mainly, a well-known figure of international tattoo conventions. She was easy-going, kind and with a great philosophy of life. A free soul in a beautiful colored body, she was the friend of tattoo artists, tattooed people and all the open-minded persons who are part of the great family of tattoo art. R.I.P. Isobel, we are going to miss you.

Most tattooed woman
Most tattooed woman

The Tattoodo team is sending prayers and thoughts to the family and friends of Isobel.



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