The Worst Tattoos Of The UFC

The Worst Tattoos Of The UFC

With all the recent hype surrounding UFC sensation Conor McGregor’s latest ink and somewhat questionable placement.

Therefore, we take a look at some of the worst tattoos in the Ultimate Fighting Championship past and present. 

First up we have Junie Browning with a hand grenade tattoo. Despite only achieving only 1 Knockout in his MMA career (which incidentally was by head kick) he still thought this was a good idea. Maybe he should have made a name for himself prior to getting it done! Just a thought!

One of the UFC worst tattoos owners is Junie Browning with his hand grenade tattoo #grenade #handtattoo #UFC #worstink #worsttattoo

There are more of the worst tattoos in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So scroll down and keep reading! Next up is Gilbert Yvel with his KO list tattoo. Unfortunately for him, he didn't add to it during his short stint in the UFC.

One of the UFC worst tattoos owners is Gilbert Yvel with his KO list tattoo #ufc #ko #gilbertyvel

Even the current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez can't escape worst tattoos' club with this terrible chest tattoo that reads "BROWN PRIDE". 

Apparently UFC has an impressive collection of worst tattoos out there. Cain Velasquez with his Brown Pride lettering tattoo #brownpride #lettering #cainvelasquez #ufc
If shooting himself in the hand and thigh wasn’t enough damage to himself, Joe Riggs had this wonderful “Diesel” tattoo permanently emblazoned on his torso.
Joe Riggs has some of the worst tattoos out there. A good example is his Diesel piece. #ufc #diesel #lettering #joeriggs

After 13 professional MMA fights War Machine made a foray into the Adult Movie industry. During his stint in the industry he began dating porn star Christy Mack and had her name tattooed on his throat. This was obviously before he beat her to a pulp and broke 18 of her bones…

A good example of UFC worst tattoos. War Machine's with his Mack lettering tattoo #lettering #mack #pornstar #warmachine #ufc

McGregor with the now infamous Tiger Belly-button tattoo. As the Irishman put it himself “If you see the Tiger it's too late, you're food”

One of the UFC worst tattoos owners is Conor McGregor with his bellybutton Tiger tattoo #bellybutton #tiger #conormcgregor

But McGregor isn’t the only one who made the bad bellybutton tattoo choice. Check out Kendell Grove's worst tattoos.. 

Kendell Grove's Bellybutton Tattoo #kendellgrove #bellybutton #worsttattoo #UFC

Regardless of your choice of tattoo, there is nothing worse than a bad grammar. Evidenced here by Joey Beltran’s chest script “you’ve got you're fools mixed up”. Well friend you have your spelling mixed up.

Joey Beltran's “you’ve got you’re fools mixed up” tattoo #joeybeltran #lettering #mistake #ufc

Don't worry, it wasn't the last of the worst tattoos collection in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Next we have Alan Belcher. If you’re going to get a nice portrait done and it’s going to be on show to millions around the world, maybe spend the extra few bucks and get it done right. Done not adjust your screens, it is a portrait of Johnny Cash. Well it’s supposed to be!

One of the worst tattoos collectors is Alan Belcher with his Johnny Cash portrait tattoo #portrait #worsttattoo #alanbelcher #johnnycash

Lastly we have two for the price of one here, with each one as despicable as the other. I give you, Melvin Costa! Now I know he’s not a UFC fighter but he definitely deserves a mention for these monstrosities. If the Neo-Nazi symbol on his chest wasn’t bad enough, the text on his torso reads “I have a small penis”. Hmmm…

Melvin Costa's worst tattoos, Neo Nazi and "I have a small penis" lettering tattoo #neonazi #lettering #melvincosta #worsttattoos
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