This Giant Tattoo Infographic Kicks Ass!

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Back in 2012, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland wanted to step up his game for a school project and soon came up with this idea for his Infographics subject. The infographic was based on the statistics of tattoos and tattooed people in the United States and facts about tattooing and tattooed people.

With his graphic design skills, he created this impressive and very skilfully done print. He really took the time precisely detail the body in order for it to look genuinely inked. Many even mistook it for the real thing!

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They look so real!

Paul received a lot of good feedback as seen here. People really loved the Polish designer's concept and admired his skills. He received a lot of praise from the art and design community. Many agree that it's very creative and well-executed. It might not be real ink, but he pretty much got the point across. Spare for a few spelling errors that flawed the print.

Would sure love to have this somewhere on my walls.

This is Paul Marcinkowskithe man behind the infographic. Here's the rest of his portfolio.



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