This Is What Tara Reid Looks Like Tattooed

Ever wondered what Tara Reid, our dream girl from American Pie, looks like heavily tattooed?
Tara Reid
In a March Instagram post, the actress shows off her new ink on her skinny frame. The post was almost immediately deleted but not before some netizens have saved themselves a copy of  the Instagram picture of a tattooed Tara Reid. The actress is nearing the big 4-0 but is still looking as young as ever.
Tara Reid's tattoos
Whether the tatts would be a part of a character she plays in a film (possibly Sharknado 3), we still don't know. For now, we can only have these photograph evidence of a very inked Tara Reid. Tara then posted with another photo captioned by, "Thank you @hannyeisen for your awesome tattoo make up for me it's awesome you're the best':
Tara Reid
Her makeup artist also posted on her own account a picture of a very satisfied Tara admiring her temporary art on a full-body mirror.
Tara Reid / Instagram
Sigh, it would have been a better world to live in if it's full of tattooed actresses. We can at least imagine (Photoshop, ehem), can't we?