10 Bizarre & Most Extreme Faces of the World

10 Bizarre & Most Extreme Faces of the World

You may or may not like it, but these people clearly don't give a fuck!
Salute to the Bizarre and Most Extreme people of the world featured in this blog for keeping it 100% real to themselves. Some chose to do it, some were born with it, but all the same: they had that unique courage to make use of their gifts and transform themselves to make this world more colorful than ever. Here are the names & stories behind this unique collection of faces. Enjoy, learn & get inspired! ;-)
Damon, a comic book fan, has had several subdermal implants to his forehead, tattooed his face & eyeballs and had a part of his nose chopped off to look like Marvel's super villain Red Skull.

Piercings and colors
Also known as "The Most Pierced Woman" on Earth with over 9,000 piercings on her face and body. She tells in an interview that she sleeps every night with the piercings in place, and she doesn't take them off although they weigh an estimate total of 3 kilos!

Bizarre and extreme
Jesus "Chuy" Aceves, a.k.a. "Wolf boy" from Mexico is the 2nd person in his family born with a rare condition known as hypertrichosis. Although he tried shaving all his facial hair to get a regular job, he says working at Circus shows for a living pay better, and so he kept it this way.

Bizarre and extreme
Thompson first discovered her talent when she was a pre-teen. "I scared my mom," Jalina says, "I had to show her. She took me to the eye doctor." ...and it was then discovered that she was blessed with wide eye sockets and strong eye muscles which is very rare.

eye extreme
Owen sees the world more preciously and differently when he lost his right eye due to Cancer. He survived the disease called "Sinonasal Undiffirentiated Carcinoma" --a rare form of Cancer affecting the nasal cavity. The cancer has spread extensively that the Doctors had to remove half of his face---muscles, nerves and eye to save his life.

Pretty extreme
Gary Turner is a Guinness World Record holder as the man with the stretchiest skin. His skin is so loose that he can stretch the skin on his belly and turn it into a table that can hold 3 pints of beer! Turner has an extreme case of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder of the skin.

Bizarre and extreme
Born Gregory Paul McLaren, A.k.a. "Lucky Rich", is the Guinness World Record holder as the "World's Most Tattooed Man" being 100% tattooed. Even the insides of his eyelids, mouth, ears & foreskin are no exception. He works as a performance artist whose act includes swallowing swords & juggling a variety of items while on a unicycle.

Blue face....
At 19, Carlos was required to serve time in the Spanish Military. He wanted to be free and the only way to do that is to figure out a way or commit suicide. Not wanting to die, he took a needle and punctured his own left eye. The wound became infected until he completely lost his eye and the military had no choice but to give him a psychiatric discharge. Now Juan Carlos is enjoying his freedom and tattoos.

vampire woman
A.k.a. "Vampire Woman" from Mexico, is a mom of 4, who began her transformation after escaping an abusive relationship. The former lawyer has more than 40 tattoos, got her teeth filed, and had titanium horns implanted on her forehead without anaesthetics! "All I did was bring what was in me out." She tells in an interview.

the lizardman
Far better known as "The Lizardman", claims that he is a Professional Freak. "I'm that tattooed green guy with the split tongue that you may have seen on TV, or as a young lady in South Dakota once succintly put it to me: 'You're that motherfucker from TV and shit, aint ya?' ....that one encounter speaks volumes about what it's like to be me.

It's awesome how these guys are 100% committed to staying true! It takes courage to do that. So much respect! And thank God for FREEDOM! have a great day, everyone! ;-)
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