10 Infinity Tattoos That Don't Suck

10 Infinity Tattoos That Don't Suck

Infinity sign tattoos are all over the internet. For some, they're cute. For others (especially tattoo artists), they are a nightmare...
Infinity signs with meaningless words, names, dates or the infamous birds in flight... Artists are tired to be asked for them, tattooed women have enough of these so-called "feminine tattoos" and tattoo lovers are mocking the lack of originality of the infinity tattoos... But, still, this is a great symbol... Is it possible to make infinity tattoos look more badass or creative?
Lovely photography with a double infinity tattoo in sight... But, perhaps you want something that is a bit more creative and original?(Credit: Angelica Photography)
The answer is: YES!!! Forget about the tiny tattoo with a poor line and impersonal philosophy... Infinity is first a mathematicians' symbol, not a girly hipster thing... Created by John Wallis, it is inspired by the Greek alphabet letter omega (the end) to express a potential infinity. Potential because we cannot really prove infinity, as well as eternity. In esotericism, the infinity symbol is really close to the Ouroboros, a snake eating his own tail and forming a circle. It means that the world is an eternal renewal, and that everything is connected in the universe. But infinity isn't a symbol of eternity, and if you think tattooing it will make your love or relationship lasts forever, you are wrong... You would get closer if you want to express your endless love for tattoos! You are into maths or spiritual concepts and you want inspiration for badass and creative infinity tattoos? Maybe you will find something here...
A cool looking blackwor infinity sign with a rope and a moth by Andrey Svetov.
Rope is way more badass than just a simple line, and yet very elegant. Filler by Apro Lee.
If rope is too easy for you, snakes will do the job with class. By Diana Katsko.
Infinity signs inspired by Ouroboros symbols are way more cool than plain infinity tattoos! By Ien Levin.
Great traditional tattoo by Jonny Murdoch.
If you are into new styles of tattoo, graphic and painting effects will add some creativity. By Mika Graph.
When you hesitate between the rope and the snake, take both! Badass tattoo by Nazar Butkovski! And respect for the placement!
Awesome infinity snake on the chest by Oozy!
Lovely matching infinity tattoos with watercolor dragons and cosmos by Sasha Unisex...
That's the most bold triple infinity tattoo that has been made! Incredible work by Xoil!
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