15 Awesome Pokemon Tattoos

15 Awesome Pokemon Tattoos

We cannot talk about gamers tattoos without showing you some fun Pokemon tattoos!
In the history of the video games, Pokemon games are one of the most popular games (if not THE most popular) and geeks soon started appropriating these little creatures to make their personal fan art, including tattoos... Pikachu is indeed the most popular, coveted for cute tattoos but also darker versions... But of course, players all have their favorite Pokemon, and they all have their ink version. People who both love gaming and tattoos can even go as far as using historical tattoo themes with Pokemon twists, or unique creations with exquisite imagination.
Either inspired by the Nintendo's video games, card games, anime or other pop culture elements related to Pokemons, there are tons of ideas for cool geek ink. Some of them can even get so famous they nearly break the internet, such as the failed Tim Burton's Charmander and the Pikachu cover-up... So, do you want to catch them all? Prepare your Pokeball, the awesome Pokemon tattoos are coming!
Cute Charmander tattoo made at Snoring Blood Tattoos.
Lovely Ponyta by Simone Clare.
A Mega Ampharos by Sean Price.
Pikachu love by Sarah K...
Colorful half sleeve by Polly Pepper.
Cubone piece by Piotr Gie.
So many Pokemon tattoos in one by Mike Tattooer!
Lovely Charmander by Michelle Maddison.
Metal Pikachu by Loxiput.
This clever cover-up by Lindsay Baker has almost break internet!
Cute nurse Audino by Lellamarose...
Awwww.... Who could resist this tattoo by Kiersten Lockwood???
Flash Pikachu! By David Cardona.
A geek version of the classic Japanese tattoo theme carp and dragon, with Magikarp and Gyarados! By Dane Grannon.
Ho-oh by Brandon at Outer Limits.
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