15 Enchanting Dragonfly Tattoos

Among insect tattoos, dragonfly tattoos are the less feared and a trendy elegant design.
With their transparent wings, shining in the light, and their iridescent catchy colors, dragonflies are looking like refined jewels and seem to come from a fantasy world. Children of all age (even an old age!) enjoy capturing them to admire their perfect anatomy that have inspired scientists and genius such as Leonardo da Vinci. But dragonflies also inspired art. They are a common design for jewellery, and an iconic symbol of Art Nouveau, a type of art celebrating Nature and elegance.
In Japanese traditional art, dragonflies are also present. They are celebrated for their poetic aspect and a symbol of strength and purity. Northern Europe has also many legends about their magic meanings. Dragonfly tattoos, of course, are the continuation of this folklore and aesthetic fascination. They are often designed just like ink jewels for the body, with thin lines and precious looks. They can be part of a more bold Nature piece, or added to complete a gorgeous portrait. Minimalistic or intricate and realistic, they are eye-catching and tasteful. You can never be wrong with dragonfly tattoos... If you are looking for the pure poetry of Nature, then you will be enchanted by these sensational dragonfly tattoos...
Realistic with splashes of paint by Alexander Sandler.
Impressive thigh pieces by André Zechmann!
Lovely half sleeve inspired by Japanese traditional tattoo by Brett Hayes.
Refined lace dragonfly by Dr Woo.
Impressive Nature tattoo by Gunnar V...
Wow! Terrific art by Ilya Fominykh!
Breath-taking piece by Katerina "Mikky" Volkova...
Another one of her fantastic dragonfly tattoos...
Neo traditional gap filler by Lars Uwe aka Lu's Lips.
Great geometric tattoo by Lazer Liz.
Awesome tattoo by Mark Bester!
This sleeve by Rom Azovsky is amazing...
Dragonfly tattoos are making lovely stomach tattoos. Here by Trine Grimm.