15 Fantastic Video Game Tattoos

Some people can't see the point of getting tattoos inspired by video games. But gamers are proud of their ink.
Their games allow them to live several lifes, and sometimes to find a shelter in an alternate reality, when real world can be painful. That doesn't mean they are not living in reality. But, just like readers, they are propeling their imagination beyond its limits, to win great battles and meet new friends. That's why video game tattoos are so badass. They awake the epic side of gamers. When they ink their favorite characters and gaming art, it is meaningful for them and they don't care about haters. Their tattoos are terrific, some of the best, and if you want to compete with them, you should up your game! More gaming tattoos are here. But if you want to see some epic video game tattoos, here's a second level of awesomeness...
Out of this world Halo piece by Dmitriy Samohin...
Creative neo traditional Kratos tattoo by Doyle Winter.
Looks like Mr Doyle Winter enjoys doing video game tattoos. Here a piece inspired by Little Sister from Bioshock.
Cool thigh piece by Erin Chance with Morrigan from Dragon Age.
Badass Malthael from Diablo III by Eugene Knysh.
What a terrific tattoo of Jack of Blades from Fable by Grimmy 3D!
Cid from Final Fantasy VII tattooed by Halo.
How cute is that kid from Bastion by Inma???
Fun Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII by Issa!
Another badass Halo tattoo by Jennifer Sterry.
Gorgeous neo traditional portrait of Edea by Justin Hartman...
Jaw-dropping Bioshock piece by Kamil!!!
And this is Splicer from Bioshock by Kate Crane.
Sexy Morrigan from Darkstalkers by Kelly Doty...
OMG! This nurse from Silent Kill looks so creepily real! By Ken Patten.
To be continued... Send us video game tattoos!