15 Luxurious Perfume Bottle Tattoos

15 Luxurious Perfume Bottle Tattoos

Glamour actress Marilyn Monroe used to say she slept with nothing else on her body than iconic perfume n°5 of Chanel.
Nowadays, we can still do that, but we can also do better: we can wear awesome tattoos, especially refined perfume bottle tattoos. Just like lipstick tattoos, perfume bottle tattoos are symbols of refinement and elegance. Everyone put perfume on, and we often have our cherished fragrance. We love smelling the scent of our loved ones on their skin and associate them with memories of good times. Perfume bottles are indivisible from fashion, and all the great brands and beauty icons have their perfumes. Their bottles are often works of art and elegant ladies favor the vintage perfume bottles, with their luxurious design and details. These are now pieces of art in museums, coveted by collectors and a great inspiration for badass feminine tattoos. Precious just like jewels, perfume bottle tattoos adorn the body of their owners and make you want to come closer to smell it. What kind of perfume lover are you? The one worshipping the prestigious and luxurious perfumes of Haute Couture brands or are you more into family and historical gorgeous objects, with their elegant tassels and their atomizer bulb? Take a look in our ink perfumery and tell us which one you would pick.
Pearly filler by Dan Pemble.
By David Tevenal.
Cool piece by Franck Anzalone!
Flower power by Gregos Lawrence.
Smells so good! By Guen Douglas.
Precious bottle tattooed by Johnny Smith!
Amazing 3D tattoo by Justin Buduo!
Love bottle by Katie Shocrylas.
Incredible 3D tattoo of iconic n°5 of Chanel by Laura Amar...
Gorgeous piece by Leeroy Inkredible...
Fascinating graphic piece by Peter Aurisch...
Tattoo artist Rizza Boo has an impressive collection of perfume bottle tattoos!!!
Badass backpiece with a lady putting perfume on by neo traditional master Rose Hardy!
By Russ Abbott.
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