15 Mouth-Watering Cake Tattoos

15 Mouth-Watering Cake Tattoos

WARNING: foodporn content! If you can't handle your dessert obsession, don't read this article!
These delicious cake tattoos could make your mouth water, and too bad for you if it is not already dinner or tea time and if you are on a diet. Yes, that's a bit of torture. But it is so good!!! Some people are so obsessed by food they want to ink their favorite dessert(s) on their body. Tattoo artists then show all their creativity and skills to recreate lifelike creamy cakes, succulent cheesecakes, yummy cupcakes, irresistible macaroons and many others wonders including chocolate and sweet things. Bakers couldn't do better. Oh wait. Actually they can, because you can't eat the tattoos!
Gourmands are already dying? Wait to see these dangerous tattoos! They have such an attention to details and can be so realistic your brain will explode in a terrific food orgasm. Are you starving for incredible tattoos? Whet your appetite with these amazing cake tattoos to die for!
Cool baker tattoo by Amy Lynn Colson...
A black forest cake to die for by Benjamin Laukis...
Another chocolate and fruits pastry by Chris Molinuevo.
Friends are icing on the cake... By Destroy Troy.
Unicorn cake by Katie Shocrylas.
Awesome little pastries by Laura Amar!
A Lady Gaga cake??? By Manoo Stich.
Terrible tea time tattoo by Matt D. Clemmer...
Lovely wedding cake by Megan Rose.
A tattoo for foodies, by Michelle Maddison.
Rad birthday cake by Nikko Hurtado...
And another one by Stef Neale.
Tiny cake tattoos and other sweet things on the knuckles by Willie Kingsolver...
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