15 Terrific Gaming Tattoos

15 Terrific Gaming Tattoos

We could never repeat it enough: gamers have some of the best gaming tattoos.
When they are not inking their favorite gamepads and consoles, they find ink-spiration in their preferred video games. If The Legend of Zelda and Mario are ranking high in the gamers' hearts, their creativity and dedication is endless. Every playable game has got its fans, and indeed its tattoos and the more cult they are, the more awesome gaming tattoos they got!
From Platform games to hyper-realistic survival action games, they have potential for tattoo masterpieces... So, tell us what you play, we will tell you what you ink... Let's start the game-ink with a first selection of some of the best gaming tattoos found on internet...
How incredible is this Limbo's sleeve by Alexander Khartsyz???
What do you think of this version by Audie Fulfer jr of Ellie from The Last of Us?
Lovely Okami tattoo by Bam Bam.
Rad Dead Space piece by Benjamin Laukis!
Looks like Benjamin Laukis is a fan of gaming tattoos, as there is another one by him, this time Final Fantasy!
Horror lovers get Silent Hill tattoos! By Bryan Merck.
Badass Skorpion from Mortal Kombat by Carlox...
Lovely Bioshock tattoo by Chad Lenjer!
How creepy and cool is that Sweet Tooth tattoo by Chase Tafoya?
Great neo traditional tattoo inspired by Lilith from Borderlands 2, by Chelsea Shoneck.
Gaming tattoo
Killer Cloud Strife sleeve by Darek Darecki!
Another Skorpion tattoo by Denis Sivak.