15 Very British Tattoos

Britain and tattooing to this day have a solid relationship, and the island boasts one of the most tattooed populations in the world!
Britain, perhaps the greatest little island in the world, holds an iconic status across the globe and love it or hate it Britain has been one of the most influential countries in the making of the modern world. Of course being British I am somewhat biased, but still Britain is an awesome little place full of amazing cultural symbols and traditions. Even the fine art of tattooing can trace its modern form to the sandy shores of Britain.
At the height of its imperial power Britain boasted the largest empire in history and had countless explorers off discovering distant lands. On their travels such explorers made contact with a number of Polynesian tribes, some of which practiced the art of tattooing. Taking influence from what they saw it became a common practice for British sailors to tattoo one another and so began the birth of western tattooing. The first documented tattoo shop in Britain opened in Liverpool in the 1870s and the art rapidly grew, by the turn of the century tattoos were as common in the higher classes as they were with the weathered sailors who brought them home.
Clearly there is a deep love of ink in Britain, but there is also a deep love of Britain in tattooing. So from the nation that brought you the likes of William Shakespeare, the Beatles and Doctor Who here are 11 very British tattoos to enjoy!!