16 Elegant And Bold Nape Tattoos

In the past, nape was one of the most important body location. Female nape were considered sensual, and male nape as a symbol of nobility.
The neck in general is a location of elegance, and tattoo lovers select their tattoos wisely when it comes to it. Indeed, up the collar, tattoos are considered as job stoppers. But ink addicts are bold and they want to change the world. Plus, nothing more beautiful than a tasteful tattoo on the nape of the neck. It is starting to become one of the hottest trends of tattoo art right now, especially in ornamental and geometric styles. Inspired by Mehndi, ethnic tattoos, fashion (lace) and jewellery, they can be badass and refined at the same time. They can only focus on the nape and the lower scalp, or go until the lower back, down to the spine. If you are in love with dark tattoos and intricate elegance, you should really take a look at these impressive and gorgeous nape tattoos, for inspiration or just pleasure of the eyes...
Great dotwork piece by Alex Hennerley.
Many nape tattoos are inspired by Mehndi. Here by Alexandra Bawn.
Refined piece by Cats at 2Spirit Tattoo.
Dynamic tattoo made by Chaim Machlev.
Impressive lace tattoo by Goldilox!
This one is by Grace Neutral.
Gorgeous tattoo made at Hidden Moon Tattoo!
Just a line on the neck, to continue the back tattoo, by Joao Chavez.
The badass work of Kenji Alucky!
Bold and classy, by Kinki Ryusaki.
Splendid piece by LaurentZ.
Love how the higher piece matches the lower one. By Mirja Fenris.
Gotta see what behind ya back! By Nissaco.
Lovely ornamental nape tattoo! Can you credit the artist please?
Terrific linework by Sasha Masiuk!
The master Thomas Hooper... enough said!