16 Enthralling Book Tattoos For Readers

There is one object that can open doors to millions of places, even magical ones, that allows you to be who you want.
And explore time and to live incredible adventures without living your room... All readers know what it is, it is indeed a book... Readers are addicted to the power of the books, to imagination, and they always have one with them, just in case... But they also have tattoos related to reading, either of a quote, their favorite author or their childhood's heroes, forever with them. And if they are not able to chose between all their novels, comics and essays, they can quite simply get book tattoos!
With leather hardbacks for the ancient editions and grimoires, as well as sentimental pocket editions and class books, you have the choice for the look of your book tattoos. Your tattoo can also express your passion and the feelings you have when you're reading, with creative poetic designs. Welcome to the ink library, where all the books are your eternal companions! Can't read them? There are so many real books you haven't read yet anyway... And perhaps your imagination could make you turn their inked pages...!!! Check those obsessive book tattoos for true readers...