16 Fitness Tattoos For Your Motivation

16 Fitness Tattoos For Your Motivation

Have you dedicated yourself to the fit lifestyle already? It's all about getting a hot, badass and tattooed body!
Both fitness and tattoos are a commitment, so they are a perfect pair! Fitness tattoos are talking about your motivation, your passion and, sometimes, a reminder to never stop. Fitness quotes are coveted for permanent motivational tattoos, but also the crossfit accessories, ideal for small tattoos. Live, love, lift are the three words of the fit lifestyle, but getting tattooed is so evident we don't have to say it loud! And, yes, tattoos help you not to give up. Getting tattoos in some muscular places is badass and sexy, but if you're loosing those muscles, it will be less pretty to look at, right? So keep pumping iron, running with the wind and keep a healthy life with good food, water, rest, etc. But remember: the process of being fit is not only in your body, but also in your mind. In Antiquity, Romans used to say "mens sana in corpore sano" which means "a sane mind in a healthy body". Strength is inside your mind, your soul. Fitness tattoos are connecting both body and mind, to help you achieve your goals and get the appearance you want. So, if you want to show your commitment to both the fit and ink lifestyle, and fix your strong will in your skin forever, you should find some inspiration with these healthy fitness tattoos. Stay fit, get tattooed!
Yeah, girls are lifting too... By Chris Bowman.
Cool running tattoo by Russell Van Schaick...
Old school weight lifting by Axel Ejsmont.
Lovely runner tattoo by Isa Monténégro!
It's better in couple! Cool matching fitness tattoos by Emily Shoichet.
Tiny dumbbells by Terry Peek.
This great motivational quote of Lance Armstrong by En Tze 纹身.
Squats are good for the body! Fun tattoo by Michael Ayscue!
Never give up!
This arm is made to lift barbells... By Meredith Little Sky.
Fitness accessories by Lisa Lee.
Fitness is more than a commitment, it's a lifestyle. By Lulu.
The crossfitting bases by Marco Condor.
Fitness quote by Matt Flury.
Health is a gift! By Sergio Doce.
Stay fit, get tattooed!
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