16 Lovely Little Fish Tattoos

16 Lovely Little Fish Tattoos

In the animal tattoos kingdom, other aquatic creatures tend to steal the show from fishes, except for the iconic and popular koi carps.
Fish shools are only details on the background of mermaid tattoos or underwater scenes, but fishes are rarely the heroes of ink. Why? Octopus, dolphins or sharks are usually seen as more badass than sardines and goldfishes, and it seems that tunas are only for fishermen... It looks like ink addicts have other fish to fry when it comes to animal tattoos... But little fish tattoos can be adorable, poetic and even really funny! Fishes are often really courageous animals, surviving in huge areas where all the creatures want to eat them, in the water but also on earth!
Many legends are describing the wit and magic skills of small fishes, escaping fishermen and bigger fishes who want to eat them. They are also lovely, colorful and delicate. Out of water and transposed on skin, they immediately look very surrealistic and coming from dreams. Graphic and watercolor tattoos can add to this poetic effect. Perfect also for cartoon-style, they can add the humorous touch to new school and neo traditional pieces. If you are fishing for ideas to find your next inked pet, think outside the bowl and consider getting some adorable fish tattoos...
Colorful lantern fish tattoo by Anais Allnt.
Another one of the little fish tattoos of Anais Allnt.
Cute fish in a bottle by Brandon Flores...
Artistic gold fish by Bumpkin.
Two fun pieces by Cisco.
Odd fish by Dylan Kwok!
Lovely pair on the lower back by Magda...
The art of Marta Lipinski.
Poor little guy, what a tragic end! By Noka.
Poetic little fishes on the side by Peter Aurisch...
Creative koi by Robert Pavez.
Delicate tattoo by Sasha Unisex.
Old Japanese prints' inspiration for these sumi-e fishes by Shisi.
Underwater friends by Sou.
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