16 Mind-Blowing Realistic Eye Tattoos

16 Mind-Blowing Realistic Eye Tattoos

We know how much realistic eye tattoos are your worst nightmares. So let's be a bit sadistic!
Realistic eye tattoos are unconscious calls to our phobias, especially insects and pest. One of the most fragile part of our body and one of the most important, we are afraid to everything dangerous and sharp coming too close of it. But eyes are so fascinating, such powerful symbols, especially in esotericism. You already have seen all these people in comments screaming "Illuminati!" each time they see an eye and a triangle... Realistic eye tattoos are trendy and gorgeous, you can't deny that, even if you are hiding your own eyes each time you see one of them! Realistic tattoo masters are making unbelievable masterpieces, pushing the limits of 3D and hyper realism... If you are into it and craving for more epic eye tattoos, go face to face with this feast for your eyes, collecting some of the best realistic eye tattoos of the universe...
Freaky crocodile's eye by Stefano Alcantara!
Oh no, that's too scary! Terrific piece by Sasha Sprut!
Perfect piece by Niki Norberg... His portfolio includes many stunning realistic eye tattoos, check it!
Sick one by Matkovski Calin!
My arm is watching you! By Lee Reynolds.
Incredible piece by Krzysztof Wierzbicki!
Fantastic esoteric eye by Kevin Soto!
Another one by Johan Avila.
This one by Joe Casal is so badass!!!
Small yet gorgeous by Jamie Mahood...
Outstanding piece by Jackson Tattoo... WOW!
The Trash Polka inspired style of Florian Karg.
Hello Illuminati??? By Dmitry Goncharov...
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