18 Elegant Cameo Tattoos

18 Elegant Cameo Tattoos

Some tattoos can be literally precious: jewel tattoos! A bit of ink, and you are forever elegant stylish, without breaking the bank...
Vintage jewelry is especially coveted by refined owners of this kind of tattoos, and cameo tattoos in particular. Cameo is the name of this vintage little pendant or brooch, often with a white female portrait. This jewel is created by carving stones, shells and glass, and is existing since the Antiquity. Its popularity has developped itself at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, becoming a coveted fashion accessory for the elegant and wealthy ladies. That's why cameos are showing profiles and silhouettes of vintage romantic women or sweet flowers. Cameo tattoos are inspired by this old trend, and allowing their wearers to custom their own cameos. Indeed, the portrait can be the one of a loved one, especially a child, or a more modern twist, just like a zombie or a skull. Cameo tattoos are often coveted in this gothic style. Accurate cameo tattoos have a white decorations on a darker background, more often pink, blue or black, and they are not shining. But actually, you are free to do what you fancy with your tattoos, it is the best of it! Do you like vintage elegance and refined jewelry? Then you could fall in love with these exquisite cameo tattoos...
A bold and refined necklace tattoo with a pink cameo by Zsofia Belteczky.
Vintage looking piece by Trumpy.
Cool Medusa cameo done at Tattoo Jersey...
Lovely tattoo by Michael Litovkin.
Amazing cameo tattoos by Megan Massacre inspired by movie Titanic!
Plexus tattoo by Mark VanNess.
This one by Joshua Bowers.
Great 3D effect by Johnny Smith!
Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but this tattoo by Fernando Shimizu is gorgeous!
Lovely zombie cameo by Eric S. Quale!
By Enzo at Black Dog.
Great skull cameo by Eilo Martin!
Both badass and feminine skull cameo with skeleton hands underboob tattoo by David Boggins!
Refined piece by Cana Gokcen Arik.
Skull pendant in cameo style by Bili Vegas.
The profiles of your children is a great idea for cameo tattoos! Here by Becky.
By Andrew Borisyuk.
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