20 Fictional And Historical Serial Killer Tattoos

20 Fictional And Historical Serial Killer Tattoos

In each of us, there is a dark side. That's why we enjoy thrillers and horror movies so much.
But the heroes of those types of movies, as well as TV series and books, are not necessarily inspectors and endangered heroines. Sometimes, the villain is becoming the most popular character, admired by fans and titillating our sense of morals. In the 80s, popular culture started to find interest in a specific kind of criminal: the serial killer. Writer Thomas Harris created the iconic Hannibal Lecter, this cannibalistic psychiatrist, and movies and TV series turned him into the favorite of the public. In the same way, the fascination for Patrick Bateman, Dexter Morgan and Norman Bates has brought many fans to their actors. And who says fans, says tattoos.Getting tattoos inspired by cinema and television is now pretty common, and horror movies lovers enjoy getting very dark ink. What's wrong with getting portraits of Christian Bale or Mads Mikkelsen, after all? To each their own. But behind these harmless hunks, there is a more troubling obsession. For example, the character of Norman Bates, created by writer Robert Bloch, was inspired by a real serial killer, Ed Gein. Yes, they are not only fictional. Some people are interested by criminal history and the study of notorious serial murderers. Some of them are remaining mysteries to solve, such as Jack the Ripper or Zodiac. But others have been caught, and their crimes exposed for all to see. With bloodcurdling details. Some people are crossing the line, they are not settling for reading books and watching movies about real crimes and getting tattoos of horror characters, they also get portraits of famous monsters. There will be two kind of persons at the end of this article, the one who will scream "WTF?!?" and the one who will say "Badass!". Take a look at these fictional and historical serial killer tattoos and tell us which one you are. Are you ready?
Tattoo by Paul Acker.
The first serial killer that comes to mind when it comes to popular culture is indeed Hannibal Lecter, especially the one portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in cult movie The Silence of the Lambs.
Creepy Lecter piece by Adem...
Tattoo by Chris Jones.
Now, the famous cannibal is played by Mads Mikkelsen in popular TV show Hannibal.
Talking of TV series, you might love another famous serial killer, Dexter. Tattoo by Audie Fulfer jr.
Tattoo by Benjamin Laukis.
Dexter is killing other killers, which is seriously questioning the mind and feelings of his fans.
If you are more into classic movies, you can be an Alfred Hitchcock's fan, and you indeed enjoy movie Psycho, with the scary Norman Bates. Here by Fredy.
A very funny tattoo by Alfred Zaragoza...
From the book to the movie, American Psycho is a reference for serial killers fiction, with Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman.
By Nikko Hurtado.
Indeed, the fans of horror movies and Rob Zombie all knows Captain Spaulding.
Tattoo by Daniel Martos.
Jack the Ripper was a real serial killer, but as his identity is still unknown, he is part of the popular culture.
Victorian London piece by Matthew Agius.
From now on, no more harmless tattoos: the rest of this article is not for the faint of heart. You are warned!
Tattoo by Anrijs Straume.
Let's start with a classic to spare you a little more. Vlad the Impaler has inspired the character of Dracula. This prince was infamous for impaling his enemies.
By Let's live...
Jack the Ripper was not the only Victorian serial killer. H. H. Holmes was an American murderer who killed people in his hotel. He admitted killing 27 persons, but is thought to have killed about 200 victims. Odd inspiration for a tattoo.
Albert Fish tattoo
Criminal history records were also a bit disturbed by the case of Albert Fish. Dubbed the Werewolf of Wysteria or the Brooklyn Vampire, this American serial killer was a child rapist and cannibal, boasting to have killed 100 children. Well, what a joyful tattoo (and that's irony of course).
Criminal portrait tattoo
"Is that your father tattooed here?-No, it's Carl Panzram, a man who confessed 21 murders and to have sodomized 1000 males.-Well..."
Tattoo by DJ Tambe.
Do we need to talk about Charles Manson, the sect leader who ordered the murders of 7? No, probably not.
Serial killer Ted Bundy tattoo by Evan Olin
Our man Evan Olin seems to enjoy serial killer tattoos. This time it's Ted Bundy, the king of serial killers in my book. A kidnapper, rapist, necrophile and murderer of (at least) 30 young women.
Rostov Ripper portrait tattoo by Paul Acker.
If you are not into American serial killers, let's introduce Andrei Chikatilo. The Soviet was nicknamed the Rostov Ripper or Butcher of Rostov. He sexually assaulted, mutilated and murdered at least 52 women and children.
This mugshot tattoo is by Tim Kern.
Let's end with this angel face. Jeffrey Dahmer, the one and only. He is mostly known for his cannibal habits on the boys and men he raped and murdered.
Back piece tattoo of criminals by Butter
And, just in case there are not enough serial killer tattoos in your life, peep this back piece by Butter. I can recognize Manson, Zodiac, Gein, Berkowitz, Holmes, Fish, Bundy, Dahmer, Rader and Ramirez. Someone knows who is the one with the wrestler mask?
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