20 Stylish Lock And Key Tattoos

20 Stylish Lock And Key Tattoos

If you are looking for an elegant little tattoo with endless meaning and symbolism then the lock and key is a sure way to go.
Perhaps more apparent among women the lock and key is by no means a gender specific tattoo, and has actually become a common 'couples' tattoo, largely due to the old cliche of holding the key to your love's heart and all that. Still, it's arguably a better option than getting matching tattoos for if ever the worst happens your lock or key can still look cool even without its other half.
As a tattoo the lock and key primarily represents freedom, security, eternal love, change, keepsake, value and a new beginning with the locking away of old feelings and hurt from past experiences. Therefore aside from being a lovely romantic tattoo the lock and key is also a good way to get over a broken heart! So whether you're getting a stylish tattoo to celebrate your love or a piece of body art to heal your damaged soul the lock and key is a solid way to go, here's twenty lock and key tattoos for your viewing pleasure!
Abstract key by Ondrash Tattoo
Delicate lock and key by Colchester Body Arts
Little bird and key by Dark Art Tattoo
Bold lock and key by Marked For Life
Beautiful gypsy key by Piranha Tattoo Studio
Chest wolf and key by Emily Rose Murray
Detailed lock and key, artist unknown
Dotwork bird lock and key by Ien Levin
Heart key by Black Cat Tattoos
Heart lock and key by Industry Tattoo
Breast key by Matt Myrdal
Awesome key by Plurabella
Lock and key by Spilled Ink Tattoo
Old school dagger and key by Dave Wah
Old school keys, artist unknown!
Owl and key by Pioneer Tattoo
His and hers lock and key by Paul Berkey
Realistic mouth lock and key by Morbid Art Tattoo
Owl lock and key by Morbid Art Tattoo
Realisitic rose with lock and by Roman Kuznetsov Tattoo
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