25 Boba Fett Tattoos That Kick Ass!

25 Boba Fett Tattoos That Kick Ass!

Who's our favorite outer space bounty hunter from a galaxy far, far away?... Why it's Boba Fett of course!
The most notorious, ruthless, down right awesome and badass bounty hunter the universe has to offer. Revered in the hearts of hardcore sci-fi fans and average Joe's alike Boba Fett first appeared on the big screen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and has been a staple Star Wars bad guy ever since, because who doesn't love an armor clad space bounty hunter!!
Now it goes without saying, an awesome badass like Fett has quite the cult following! He's the type of bad guy we all want to come out on top, but some people take their love of him to new levels of impressiveness, yep they get kickass Boba Fett tattoos! Here are some of the best and they are totally awesome!!
Awesome Boba Fett tattoo
Amazing tattoo, unknown artist
Great work by Anthony Neave
Artist not known!
Tattoo by Bili Vegas
Boba Fett tattoo by Casey Baker
Boba Fett Tattoo by Cecil Porter
Fett tattoo by Heather Maranda
Artist unknown
Creative Boba Fett tattoo
tattoo by Eddie Stacy
Lego Fett by Eric Skramstad
Awesome piece by Neil Dransfield
Fett helmet By Steve Martin
Boba Fett tattoo
James Mullin tattooed this awesome piece!
Fett by Mike Ledoux
Tattoo by Mike McDonald
Great tattoo by Mike Pace
The great Nikko Hurtado tattooed this
Cute Boba by Ower Hernandez
Rich Pineda created this brilliant tattoo
Tattoo by Cecil Porter
Helmet Tattoo by JR Verger
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