25 Fiendish Movie Villain Tattoos!

25 Fiendish Movie Villain Tattoos!

It is an unwritten rule in movies that the bad guys and villains are usually the coolest and most badass characters.
And for the majority we cannot help but find ourselves secretly rooting for them to come out on top. Lets face it, there is something about movie villains we just love! They almost always have an intriguing background and a some what cool yet twisted look and style. Batman brought us the likes of the Joker and Bane while Star Wars showed us the incredible character of Darth Vader, and it is villains like these that we cannot help but admire!
Fiendish movie characters we can agree are awesome, even if they do end up on the losing side! They look cool, act cool and are cool, even when cool is not an option. Movie villains also look incredibly kickass as tattoos! What's more in your face awesome than a bold Darth Vader backpiece?!?... Movie villain tattoos = A great tattoo, and here are some of the best for you to enjoy.
Anton Chigurh Tattoo by Nick Chaboya
Bane by The Art of London
villain tattoo inspired by movie
movie inspired
Dr Evil by Mike Ledoux
Drexel Spivey, unknown artist!
Evan Olin by Agent Smith
Emperor Palpatine, unknown artist
General Zod, artist unknown
Golem tattoo, unknown artist
Hannibal Portrait Tattoo by Black Ink Studio
Hans Gruber, artist unknown
Jack Torrance by Grant Cobb
Jamie Parker - Freddy Krueger Tattoo
Jason Voorhees, artist unknown
The Joker by Nikko Hurtado
Leather Face by Ron Russo
Magneto by Mike Devries
Nate Beavers - Predator tattoo
Roy Batty by Audie Fulfer
Steve Wimmer - Halloween Michael Myers tattoo
movie inspired tattoo
movie inspired creature
Voldemort tattoo by Cecil Porter
Villain sleeve Tattoo by Benjamin Laukis
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