30 Camera Inspired Tattoos For Your Inner Photographer

30 Camera Inspired Tattoos For Your Inner Photographer

In the age of technology we live in a time where taking photographs is easier than ever.
There was once a time when only those with enough money to buy a camera could enjoy the art of photography. Today however anyone with a phone can become a budding photographer... but the feeling of holding an actual camera is something that any keen photographer knows is as much a part of the art as taking the actual picture!
Now the choice of cameras is endless and really a formality, do you go ultra modern and get the latest and greatest or do you go all out hipster and hit up the vintage camera! Tough choice I know, so while you decide on what camera will best suit your needs here are 30 camera inspired tattoos for your inner photographer that should get your creative juices flowing.
Traditional camera by Big Kahuna Tattoo
Vintage camera by Carlox Tattoo
Tattoo by Da Silva Tattoo
Great work by Demon Tattoo
Awesome camera piece by Dermagrafics
Bold tattoo by Emily Rose Murray
Abstract piece by Gulestus Tattoo
Dotwork tattoo by Ien Levin
Unique camera half-sleeve by L'Art Du Point
Realistic tattoo by Lucky Draw Tattoos
Crow and camera by Mike Woods
Amazing tattoo by Pavel Roch
Tattoo by Puedmag Custom Ink Tattoos
Brilliant work by Remis Tattoo
New school camera by Seth Davidson
Camera man by Speak In Color
Great little camera by Stay True Tattoo
Classic camera by Style Tattoo
Camera piece by Tattoo Ligans
Traditional work by Three Kings Tattoo
Bold tattoo... artist unknown
Awesome little camera, unknown artist!
Fantastic camera tattoo... unknown artist
Great little Nikon camera
Traditional tattoo, artist unknown
Fantastic realism by Remis Tattoo
Camera tattoo by Scott Olive
Dotwork camera by Master Tattoo
Vintage camera and matching tattoo
Gypsy girl and camera by Time Travelling Tattoo
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