50 Geometric and Blackwork Wolf Tattoos

50 Geometric and Blackwork Wolf Tattoos

As promised, we have more wolf tattoos for you to get your minds ravaged.
We've dug deep on what's deal with wolf tattoos but apparently, one post isn't quite enough to sustain the love for these wild hounds.
by Robert Borbas
We've featured a lot of blackwork posts in here, not because we are obliged to, but are you kidding blackwork tattoos are stunning. Especially when it's done by the artists who knows how to merge blackwork with other styles.
Now, in all its blackwork glory and geometry, we present you with fifty more ravishing wolf tattoos.
by Timur Lysenko
This artists deserves a post of his own. He never ceases to wow us with his work And now on this one, featuring a wolf in a graphite pencil drawn-style over a pixel/knitted overlay, it just proves how good he is even more.
Artist unknown.
For those who appreciate tattoos that look as if they've gone straight out of an ink pen drawing, tattoos like these are darlings.
Wolf tattoo, unknown artist
This wolf isn't the fiercest-looking, but you gotta give it to the artist for that fantastic geometry.
by Sasha Tattooing
Entirely detailed in dotwork.
by Keren
Many things going on in here: blackwork, sacred geometry, geometric, galaxy colour, esoteric... It's one interesting space.
by Dennis M Del Prete
The details and shading on this piece is superb.
Artist unknown.
The use of dotwork and geometry on this tattoo makes it look like a really cool Frankenwolf.
by Gael Cleinow
Nice concept.
by David Hale
This is what David Hale is known for-- clean lines and clean details.
by Vainius Anomaly
Awesome wolf tattoo
Healed quite nicely! Not to mention, that elegantly fierce wolf scowl!
by Matthew Henning
Another ink pen drawn-style tattoo I find very dear.
Artist unknown.
This hand piece is supposed to be a work in progress, to be coloured. But I think it looks good either way!
Artist unknown.
A large traditional style blackwork piece on the side which can stand out on its own.
Minimalist blackwork, tattrx.com
This minimalist blackwork wolf tattoo may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there are always those who prefer this style opposed to really detailed ones.
Artist unknown.
One of my favourite pieces in here. It's not too clean and not too distorted. (I've had this tattoo image sitting in my folder for a while now and I've always wondered who the artist is. If anybody can tell us in the comments, that would be fantastic!)
by David Tejero.
A really vicious looking chest piece.
Wolf and moons tattoo
Awesome concept, it incorporates the whole thing about wolf and moons. Interesting.
by Diana Severinko
Diana Serverinko sure is an ace at dotwork geometry style! Nothing too heavy, nothing sparsely detailed!
Artist unknown.
This would be a hit with girls! It's not exactly feminine, but it's the type of tattoo that borders between semi-abstract and simple which what many females opt for when getting a tattoo.
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
This pair totally nailed it with the matching tattoo thing.
by Nick Luit
Another traditional style blackwork tattoo, part of a whole work in progress.
by KillKennyKat
Straight out of a sketchbook!
Artist unknown.
Photo quality didn't do much justice to this tattoo!
by Lukas Zglenicki
One of the best concept in here. Tastefully done, with all the brush/pen strokes effect used by the artist. Much amaze!
Artist unknown.
Didn't know scale-like textures fit in with wolves!
by Mike Wolf
Some fine dotwork leg piece.
by Mico Goldobin
Minimalist silhouette at first glance, but look at that inner design!
by Ottorino D'ambra
A common concept among wolf tattoos which won't really get old!
Artist unknown.
Artist unknown.
A healed wolf silhouette. Can you believe the tattoo concepts people come up with?
Artist unknown.
Really clean sacred geometric dotwork for those who appreciate symmetry.
by Andrei Surdulescu
These themes are amazing.
Awesome blackwork of wolf and nature
A nice tattoo reproduction of an original artwork. (If anyone knows who the original artist is, tell us!)
by Andrew Crouch
Gotta admire a tattoo that's intricately detailed.
Linework of wolves, by Tabuns
Artist unknown.
This one's detailed as well, dominated with negative spaces.
by Susanne König
by Brando
Minimalist geometric figures.
Artist unknown.
It's a beautiful constellation in ink.
Beautiful wolf linework
A dash of colour won't hurt, will it?
by Cody Eich
Okay, so this one's more of a geometric design.
Artist unknown.
"Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man?"
Wolf blackwork tattoo
Artist unknown.
Geometric. Dotwork. Blackwork. That's how it's done.
Artist unknown.
Better not anger the wolf on his skin, nor the one inside that chest! Tattoo by Evgeny Mel
What are you waiting for? Jon Snow? Go get your own geometric/blackwork wolf tattoo now!
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