Aaron Hernandez Reveals New Prison Tattoos

Aaron Hernandez Reveals New Prison Tattoos

Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez sentenced for life for the killing of his friend Odin Lloyd in 2013 recently stood before the judge again.
This time in a case of a separate double murder he is believed to have committed in July 2012, and it was in the courtroom the world got their first look at Hernandez's new prison tattoos!
Any one with knowledge of tattoos knows there exists a large tattoo culture within most prison systems, for every prison gang there are dozens of tattoos associated with them and it seems Hernandez is well aware of this. The former New England Patriot star already had a significant amount of body art but appearing in court all eyes were drawn to his new neck tattoo, the word 'lifetime' accompanied by a five point star. Hernandez's new ink is a stark reminder of his life sentence and association with prison gang The Bloods.
Lifetime, a reminder of Hernandez's sentence
Though his neck art is not Hernandez's only new tattoo since finding himself behind bars, after walking through the gates of Souza Baranowski Correctional Center Hernandez is reported to have been involved in a number of fights and it was in one such fight that prison guards noticed 'blood, sweat, tears' tattooed across one of Hernandez's hands, a common gang tattoo in the facility.
'Blood, Sweat, Tears'
The case of Hernandez's is truly a story of a fall from grace, but also a reminder that tattoos are not just used as an art form. Prison tattoos are used to identify, protect, intimidate and threaten. They show who you are and what you've done, they also tell a story of another side of tattooing the wider world rarely sees, a world where tattoos are much more than body art.
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